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Qassim Research Ethics Committee

Human beings are granted dignity, privacy, confidentiality, and full respect while alive and after death. Consequently, all laws and policies had seriously addressed those agenda. Islamic Shari’a/Law had given priorities to dignity and human rights at personal and social levels.
As research is one of academic and services institutes pillar, conducted inter-actively between individuals / communities on one hand and researches /research institutes, the need for organizing and controlling this relationship has to be established, implemented and controlled. The ultimate goal is successful implementation and healthy relationship.
In this regard, the royal decree No. 7/B/9512 in 18/05/1422H was issued to establish the National Committee of Bio Ethics (NCBE) at King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Riyadh. The committee was made responsible to organize and supervise ethical issues of research conducted by health, academic and research institutes at public and private sectors. The NCBE issued its law of ethics of research on living creatures and gained the council of ministries resolution No. 321 on 13/09/1431H (2011AD) approving the NCBE law of research ethics. This law sets general principles and guidelines of dealing with living creature in the context of professional ethics and in a manner consistent with Islamic Shari'a and Saudi community customs and traditions*
* NCBE, 2013*KACST. Brief Introduction.
Qassim local research ethics committee (QIRB) establishment goes back to 1411H (1991AD). This committee gradually grew to fulfill the need dictated by the growing research in Qassim.
In 1433H, the local committee in Qassim had received recognition from NCBE, hence reformed as per NCBE guidelines. Currently there are 8 committee members. These are:
1- Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Saigul, Chairman (MOH)
2- Dr. Omar Abdulaziz Al Yahia, Co-Chairman (MOH)
3- Dr. Saleh Abd El Fatah Saleh Al Gabbany, Member (MOH)
4- Dr. Amel Abdalrhim Suliman Ahmed, Member & Coordinator (MOH)
5- Dr. El-Gamri El-Rady Mohammed, Member (MOH)
6- Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Meman, Member (Unaizah Medical College/Qassim University)
7- Dr. Fahad Al Bejaidi, Member (College of Public Health, Qassim University) 7-
8- Mr. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Belaihi, Member, Lawyer, MOH and Community representative

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