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Requirements For Proposal Review

Local Research Ethics Committee, Qassim
Research Proposal
As per the law of research ethics on living creatures, all researchers on human are requested to submit their research proposals to the local IRB for review and possible approval.
To facilitate the review/approval process, we, at Qassim IRB, instruct researcher to ensure that the research proposal document includes the following:
1. Principal Investigation (PI) name and the supervisor name (if applicable), their address, including email and landline and mobile telephone numbers.
2. Font type: Arial, Font size: 12; line space: 2.
3. Proposal application form completed by PI. Template no.(H-04-Q-001/02/2015 F ) The following are essential requirements for proposals to be reviewed. The decision on proposals is halted until all of the following are submitted:
• All research team members are registered and certified by NCBE. NCBE website can be accessed for registration and certification. http://bioethics.kacst.edu.sa/
• A cover letter from an authorized director of the institute.
• Recent CV for all research team members.
• Consent form (if applicable).
• Participant information sheet (if applicable).
• Data collection tools e.g., questionnaire.
• Research proposal. Main contents should sufficiently include:
o Introduction:
 Background, literature review, similar studies addressing the same subject, and rationale of the study.
o Study objectives
o Methodology
 Study type.
 Study setting.
 Study population, sampling frame and sample size.
 Study period.
 Inclusion and exclusion criteria.
o Analysis plan and main statistical tests.
o Ethical issues.
o References, written as per Vancouver style. The following are documents that you may find helpful to have the research proposal complete and ready for approval.
1. Proposal submission checklist.

click here to download

2. Informed consent form.

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3. Qassim IRB review form. This form is used by Qassim IRB reviewers for proposal assessment. You may look at it have an idea about it.

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For further details on ethical approval regulations and requirements, NCBE website may be visited. Send research proposal to Qassim IRB by email: qassim_ethcom@yahoo.com For further inquiries, Pls. contact Qassim IRB secretary at 016-323-1874, Coordinator extension 111.
N.B: Qassim IRB reviews all submitted research proposals once all requirements are provided and completed. The committee follows NCBE guidelines as well as respected International scientific bodies.
Ensuring completeness of forms, attachments and annexes shortens the time for review.
We wish all researchers good luck and welcome advices and recommendation sent by email or by personal communication.

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